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5 Things I Learned When Your Child Wants to Start a Business

In June 2014, I was washing dishes and my 6 year old daughter came to me and said, “Mommy, I have an idea. I want to do a Nail Stand. You know, like a Lemonade stand! People can walk by and get their nails done for $5.” Her eyes were so excited about her idea and I could not break her heart by saying, “Not right now or we can talk about it later.”

I asked her what does she need me to do and her response was, “Make me a flyer!” I told her to go in her room and write down what she wanted and she did exactly that. I went to work and created the flyer, posted it on FB and she actually received some appointments!

All week, we talked about her nail shop. We went and bought her polish and went over how she treats her customers. Saturday morning it was show time! Her first appointment was at 10am and she was set up, and waiting.

She actually had 4 customers and her grandmother came to show support! When we closed her shop, she was all smiles. Although her nail shop was NOT something we did every weekend, she did get the chance to visit some customers at home. We have decided that people (our friends) can msg me (if they live in our county) and we will come by and Bailee will paint their little girls nails.

I am happy that as time went on, her love for her business never died. Therefore, I had to do some major research to help her be successful and make her dreams comes true.

Here are a few steps I have learned: 

  • Have them create a dream board or book where they can be very clear about what they want for their business and future. 
  • Help them research the industry they are trying to be apart of. Go on google or visit the library together.
  • Keep them around positive people. Kids are impressionable and words can hurt them quickly. My daughters eyes lit up when people told her she was doing a great job and they wish her the best. Could you imagine how she would feel if someone told her the opposite?
  • Teach them what a Business Plan is. They may be young, but if they are smart enough to desire business ownership – they should at least be willing to learn how to plan it out. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but necessary.
  • What is customer service? If your child learns how to treat a customer like royalty early, I believe they can go farther faster.

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