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Bailee's Deluxe Nail Box

Bailee's Deluxe Nail Box

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In Bailee's Deluxe Nail Box, we've included 3 fun nails designs and accessories that will keep Mommy & Me time going for hours. The Deluxe Nail Box includes Unicorn Nails, Emoji Nails & Pineapple Design! 

What's included in the box?

Emoji Nail Box Contents  

  • 1 Marshmallow White Polish, handmade by Sassy G
  • 1 Tube of Clay Nail 
  • Nail Tip 
  • Design Instructions
  • Emoji Hair Bow & Band
  • Emoji fun bracelet 

Unicorn Nail Box Contents 

  • 1 Gold Polish, Mellow Yellow handmade by Shai
  • 1 Sheet of Unicorn Nail Stickers
  • Nail Tip 
  • Design Instructions
  • Unicorn Notebook
  • Unicorn Pen

What's included in the Pineapple Nail box?

  • 1 Pink Polish
  • 1 Tube of Pineapple Studs Slice Gold Tone Metallic
  • 1 Fresh Fruit Pineapple Memo Pad Sticky Notes
  • Nail Tip 
  • Design Instructions
  • Pineapple Hair Accessories Barrette
  • Gift Coin Pineapple Purse

Other Fun Accessories included in the Deluxe Nail Box:

  • 1 Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Rack Accessory 
  • 1 Positive Nail file 
  • 1 Mini Manicure Palate Ring Accessory 
  • Surprise accessory!