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Manicure in Box

Manicure in Box

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There's never a bad time to master doing your own manicure at home. There a real satisfaction to painting your own nails and letting yourself get creative. In the manicure in a box, we give you the steps & tools to do your very own DIY manicure to keep your hands pretty and polished.

What's included in the Manicure in a Box?

  • 7 Steps to the Perfect DIY Manicure Card
  • Seven-Sided Nail Buffer
  • Colorful Cuticle Stick
  • Bailee's Handmade Hand Scrub 
  • Bailee's Nail Polish 
  • Nail Dryer Portable Machine LED Lamp
  • Nail Art Stickers (Leopard DIY Wild Animal or Diamond Lipstick)
  • Nail Polish Bottle Holder
  • Hand Wash Remover Soak Bowl